• Make your own jewelry af the finest beads from Copenhagen Beadhouse BeadsNdrops

    Make your own DIY jewelry with Copenhagen Beadhouse. Make your own jewelry of components, jewelry findings, czech crystal beads, swarovski beads, vermeil heapins and charms in Sterling silver, beads and pearls to DIY jewelry making. Making your own earrings are in expensive if you use gold plated brass and silver plated brass components.Do you want to make your own jewelry with beads and drops and are you starting to produce and design your own jewelry, then BeadsNdrops is the perfect place to start. Here you will find everything you need - jewelry parts in the construction & the finest beads and pearls for jewelry making.At BeadsNdrops you will find: Beads for Jewellery making, jewelry parts for jewelry making. Beads of precious and semiprecious stones with beautiful glass beads. Headpins and jewelry parts jewelry are combined with the finest gems for DIY Earrings, bracelets and necklaces. Get started with your craft and hobby with beads and jewelry components here

  • NEWS make cupcakes earrings MUST HAVES

    Cupcake ceramic beads - make earrings of cupcakes beads and headpins. See more here

  • FaceBook Discount on beads with - beads N drops

    Join our Facebook club and save money on beads every month in our Beadshouse and Beadshop in Copenhagen - We make regular updates to our facebook page with cheap beads for jewelry making. We put a discount code in on selected product groups as you need before you check out, for example. placing a product code RAB010 under discount

  • Green Beads for making bracelets of beads together with green beads earrings

    NET Green Beads for Jewellery for Jewellery Making.

    Beautiful Lime green beads for jewelry making - see all sorts of green shades and shapes of green gems% 26 beads. V made ??a little searching for you. We have written GREEN in our search feldt and then came forward following - see more when you press the green words:

  • Make earrings of rubber - recycled jewelry of recycled material and plated headpins

    Make earrings of rubber - recycled jewelry of recycled material and plated headpins. See more here

  • Make earrings of Swarovski pearl beads til the brides

    White beads - Make earring of Swarovski pearl beads til the brides

    make easily you own earring of white Swarovski pearl beads. You need some white beads from Swarovski, silver beads some headpins. See more here

  • Make your own rings of wire

    You can easily make your own rings with wire - the best measure is your finger where you measure on the thickest part and string wire around 5-6 times before you start building pearls.

  • Make your own necklace of beads, silke ribbon and chain

    make easily your own necklace of silke ribbon, gold plated chain and beads in the last minute. See more here

  • NEWS make berries earrings - Make your own berries of small beads, Swarovski crystals and turn them

    Here you can make your own earrings% 26 pendant small fine beads that are put together to wear beads. You just need a lot of Swarovksi beads, Czech beads of Jablonex Preciosa or small 4mm beads of some of the gems you already have at home. Read more

  • NEWS

    Fashion trend 2011 of making your own jewelry mix Leathercord, chains og beads into Necklaces. Fashion necklaces 2011 mix materials.

  • Make your own cocktail ring of beads and wire

    Make your own ring of wire wrap and colorfull beads and turn it into a cocktail ring

  • Make your ownX-factor necklace

    X-factor necklace for your party in the last minute. All you need is some wood beads of gold and some black Fairy ribbon or organza maybe your allready got in at home. See more here

  • MUST HAVES for wedding

    BeadsNdrops Lav selv smykker er bryllupsklar og klar for Blå mandag & konfirmation.

    MUST HAVES. Fine smykker, som finger ringe og øreringe, halskæder og armbånd til konfirmationen. Kom og få smykke inspiration HVER DAG. Vi hjælper dig med at blive klar.

  • Mala necklace do it yourself with beads and fringes

    Du vælger selv hvilken farve og hvilke smykkedele du vil bruge i kæden. Om du ønsker at lave knuder i mellem hver perle som vi her har gjort med perlemors perler..

  • Make your own macrame bracelet and ring in one

    Moden fortæller at vi 2010/2011 samt 2011/2012 at vi skal kombinere vores armbånd og fingerringe og gerne med så mange forskellige materialer som muligt. Perler, kæder, læder, ruskind, pels, fjer m.m.

  • NEWS make your own Jewelry: Fashion colors for beads 2013

    Fashion color for semi-preious gemstone and beads 2011 and 2012

  • NEWS make your own Jewelry: Fashion colors for beads 2013

    Fashion color for semi-preious gemstone and beads 2013